Innovation and Development

Inspired by discovery.

We constantly seek to deliver added value through innovation, to ensure Australian research remains world-class and highly competitive on a global scale.

Since its inception, our Innovation and Development (I&D) group has helped AGRF push boundaries in assessing new genomics technologies, driving participation in development projects and developing new applications to specific needs. All while providing access to the leading-edge technologies required for research in genomics and related areas.

We’ve supported world class research projects that have developed knowledge, built capacity, attracted co-investment and helped expand technology boundaries.

This advice and expertise is available as a service from AGRF.

We can help you innovate by;

  • Planning and executing development projects
  • Selecting appropriate technologies, study design,  data production and its analysis
  • Testing of new systems (beta tests) and introduction of new services
  • Assistance and contribution to project funding and grant opportunities
  • Advice and feedback on cutting-edge sequencing technologies

The I&D group provide accessible expertise, links to our experienced and accredited quality management system with long standing AGRF support and responsiveness that's built around you and your project needs.

Did you know we are a registered research agency?

Organisations doing their own research work need to have spent at least $20K on eligible research and development to claim the tax offset. This threshold does not apply if an organisation contracts the work to a registered Research Service Provider (RSP).

AGRF is a Registered Research Agency (RRA) and is therefore automatically registered as Research Service Provider. This means every dollar spent with AGRF could be eligible for the tax offset.

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