A new look for AGRF!

07 December 2015

We’ve been hard at work over the past 18 years building the AGRF brand and making it a successful member of the genomics community. We of course want it to be just as relevant and successful for many decades to come.

We have evolved our organisation, grown in numbers, expanded our services and contributed to projects that have made an impact to the scientific community in both the biomedical and agricultural sectors.

We continue to work with researchers within Australia and overseas to unlock the potential of genomics and advance scientific endeavours.

With all these exciting changes happening, we thought it was time for a new visual expression of our brand — one that marries our past to our present and sets the course for where we’re headed in the future.

While we undertake this visual change, we have undergone an evolution, but we haven’t changed what we stand for: customer focus, innovation, excellence, sharing knowledge and expertise to empower Australian genomics. Our purpose remains as ”Empowering Australian Genomics” allowing researchers in public and private enterprises to bring leading edge genomics research to an international stage and be recognised for world-class innovation and genomics. That was true in 1997 and it’s just as true today.

So, while our look may be new, our DNA is the same. Thank you for being part of our story.

You’ll see the new logo roll out across our communication platforms over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy it!

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