A proven track record - researchers publishing with AGRF's RNA sequencing services

05 August 2014

Over the past two years, 29 publications have been released using data generated from the AGRF RNA Sequencing service. These include publications in high impact journals including Nature Biotechnology and Genome Biology.

These publications include research across a range of fields including biomedical research, agriculture, plant biology and more.

Articles of interest include:

Su, Z., ?abaj, P. P., Li, S., Thierry-Mieg, J., Thierry-Mieg, D., Shi, W., … Shi, L. (2014). A comprehensive assessment of RNA-seq accuracy, reproducibility and information content by the Sequencing Quality Control Consortium. Nature Biotechnology, (August). doi:10.1038/nbt.2957

Ayers, K. L., Davidson, N. M., Demiyah, D., Roeszler, K. N., Grützner, F., Sinclair, A. H., … Smith, C. a. (2013). RNA sequencing reveals sexually dimorphic gene expression before gonadal differentiation in chicken and allows comprehensive annotation of the W-chromosome. Genome Biology, 14(3), R26. doi:10.1186/gb-2013-14-3-r26

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