AGRF generate data as part of the Nanopore MinIon early access program

04 August 2014

AGRF were granted early access to the MinIon platform and have been completing configuration tests and generating initial data sets. Dr Ken McGrath of our Brisbane node has found that the device is capable of generating very long reads (>50kb) that are aligning to their targets.

The MinION, Oxford Nanopore's single-molecule sequencing platform, is a small single-molecule sequencing device about the size of a USB thumb drive, and contains a membrane with hundreds of tiny holes called nanopores. By measuring the change in the flow of electrical current, each pore is capable of reading a single strand of DNA as it passes through.

The potential applications of this device include generating long-reads for helping with genome assembly (similar to mate-pairs), detailed diversity profiling of microbial communities, viral genotyping, and other fields where single long reads are useful. We are continuing to investigate this platform and how it could complement our current service suite.

You can read more about the MinION here