Aurora DNA extraction now available

01 April 2013

DNA Extraction

If you’re looking for more time for your research, have limited experience with DNA extractions, or a difficult sample, we can provide you with a DNA extraction solution to suit most projects.

By using our DNA extraction service you remove this laborious but critical step from your pipeline and have your samples service ready without the hassle. Our suite of DNA QC equipment makes preparation of stock DNA for downstream analysis quick and reliable. It’ll give you more time to think, plan and publish.

Our Service

Our service is available for a range of starting materials and species. We also have high-throughput capabilities and large cryo-storage facilities available to handle large projects.

We cover:

  • Biomedical – tissue, blood, Buccal swabs, saliva, Oragene Saliva self-collection kits
  • Microbial – culture pellets
  • Agricultural – leaves, seeds, blood, ear clips etc
  • Environmental –soil, sediments, faeces
  • More availble by request

Solutions for dirty and dilute extractions

If you have already extracted your samples and have found they don’t perform well in your downstream applications, let us help with our Boreal Genomics “Aurora” DNA Purification service. More Info

Customised to suit your needs

Before your samples are submitted, we’ll discuss your objectives and plan the DNA extraction process to meet your project requirements. This often incorporates a small-scale pilot test to ensure compatibility of our processes with your downstream applications.

Result format and delivery

DNA quality and quantity results are delivered to you electronically after your DNA has been extracted.

Post extraction options

  • Send your samples through to one of our downstream services
  • Have your samples returned to you
  • Store your samples at AGRF for future use

Get started now

DNA extraction service prices are dependent your starting material and requirements. To ask our team for a Quote click here or
Contact us for more information