Did you know about our mouse linkage marker set?

28 July 2013

Mouse Linkage Marker Set

The mouse linkage Market set (MLMS) is a panel that allows you to perform linkage mapping studies. The panel is run using our NATA accredited Agena SNP genotyping service.

The panel contains over 550 SNPs with an average distance of 3-5cM across the mouse genome and provides approximately 300 informative markers between common mouse crosses. The SNPs have been carefully selected to maximise the polymorphism between common inbred strains.


Speed Congenics
What is speed congenics?

A congenic strain is identical to a reference strain at all genetic loci except one. The differing locus is usually the transgene or knockout region of interest. Congenic strains are widely used in biomedical research because they reduce genetic variability and provide insight into the contribution of genetic background to phenotype.

Benefit of using Mouse Linkage Marker Sets

The MLMS can be used to preferentially select animal carrying the locus of interest for further breeding by identifying the highest percentage of recipient versus donor strain DNA. This accelerates the speed of congenic strain production. Utilizing traditional, random backcrossing methods, it would take 10 generations (upwards of 2.5 years) to produce a comparable congenic strain.

Mouse strain validation

The panel can be used to validate in house mouse strains, ensuring consistency with established reference strains.

Technical Details

Submission Format
> 10 samples – 96 well V well plates
<= 10 samples – Individual tubes are fine
Minimum submission size = 7 Samples

DNA requirements
100uL @ 10ng/uL
A260/A280 between 1.6-2.0


Number of Informative SNPs between Common Mouse Strains

aj 430                    
akr 363 308                  
balb 377 245 322                
btbr 248 397 350 355              
c3h 403 296 341 297 390            
b6 400 451 361 396 350 400          
dba 407 405 382 389 370 269 392        
fvb 332 346 364 344 322 361 352 359      
nod 356 345 333 356 347 362 350 357 274    
nzb 328 398 348 380 327 389 345 330 340 338  
sjl 341 343 332 328 340 350 359 356 232 316  


Common Strains Covered by Panel

129X1/SvJ C57L/J I/LnJ NON/ShiLtJ SJL/J

Results format and delivery

Results are reported as an Excel spread sheet of genotypes plus we provide a % similarity to the backcross strain.

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