New instrumentation coming soon to AGRF

08 September 2014

NextSeq and MiSeq instruments being installed at AGRF Adelaide node

Adelaide is preparing new next generation sequencing equipment to complement the national high throughput laboratory in the Melbourne Node. The evolution of the technology now sees a number of applications that are better suited to the low to medium throughput platforms such as the MiSeq and NextSeq.  Details on accessing these services will be released in the coming months.

HiSeq 2500 fleet expanded

AGRF is expanding its suite of HiSeq instruments to keep pace with the growing demand for high-throughput sequencing. The new HiSeq 2500 instruments are compatible with Illumina’s v4 chemistry, allowing for longer read lengths and greater data yield per lane. Once operational this will lift sequencing capacity at the Melbourne node up to an impressive 2.5 Tb per week.

This infrastructure investment is funded by the Commonwealth Government 2009 Education Investment Fund Super Science Initiative, via the allocation to Bioplatforms Australia, with operational support from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy 2 (NCRIS 2) program and the Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (CRIS).