Genotyping Resources


This page is your guide to Genotyping with AGRF. We’ve put together some resources for you to help you in preparing samples and troubleshooting data. Our resources are split into the following sections for easy navigation;

Preparing and submitting your samples

Understanding our services

Preparing and submitting your samples

The following set of resources outlines our recommended ways to prepare samples for our AGRF services and how to submit them to us using our online system.

Understanding our services

The following set of resources is for those who are new to genotyping and want some background information to get started. In the links and downloads below you can find our most common genotyping FAQs.  

Our Services Overview

High Density/Genome-wide SNP Genotyping

Targeted/Custom Genotyping

Fragment Analysis and Microsatellite Genotyping

Mouse Strain Genotyping

Variant Discovery

Frequently Asked Questions


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30 August 2018

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