Commercial genomics

AGRF’s client base includes all of the biologically-based industries such as medicine, healthcare, agriculture, bio-products, environment, food, water and energy and mining sectors. 

Our services and experience help industry bridge gaps between research and commerce, enabling tangible application of genomics technology. Our research capability is accessible to commercial applications such as the development of therapeutics, pathology services, breeding programs, quality processes and food safety.

We can support industries through the entire innovation pipeline to discover and translate new knowledge into applied outcomes.

Just some of the ways we can assist organisations include;

  • advice and guidance from industry leading experience and knowledge
  • propose genomics approaches to address business challenges
  • connections with researchers to develop collaborations
  • access to new technology
  • funding assistance for pilot projects and contributions to grant programs

From discovery to service delivery, applications are developed with real world utility. See our commercial genomics brochure for more information.