DNA Methylation

Analysis of DNA methylation, DNA demethylation, and the functional effects in these changes are of increasing interest to epigenetics researchers in developmental programming, cell differentiation, disease identification, and therapeutic development.

From whole genome studies to quantitative customised analysis we can help you analyse methylation patterns using various technologies.

Methylation Services

We offer rapid and accurate techniques to analyse methylation patterns using various platforms.

Services include:

  • Whole genome methylation screen via Illumina MethylationEPIC BeadChip
  • Gene and promoter methylation discovery via Agena Bioscience EpiTYPER on the MassARRAY
  • Targeted sites and methylation validations via Qiagen PyroMark pyrosequencing
  • Discovery via Applied Biosystems sanger sequencing


Whole Genome Methylation Screening

Screen a whole human genome’s methylation pattern to identify variable genomic regions that may be contributing to gene expression variation or the phenotypic outcome.

Key highlights:

  • Incorporates miRNA promoter regions
  • Uses the Illumina MethylationEPIC BeadChip, containing over 850,000 methylation sites
  • Contains > 90% original content from the broadly used Infinium HumanMethylation450K plus a significant increase in enhancer sites to deliver a comprehensive genome overview
  • Quantitative analysis at single-nucleotide resolution
  • Multiple samples can be analysed in parallel from low sample input (as little as 250 ng) to deliver high-throughput power while minimising the cost per sample.

Further details can be found here.

For non-human whole genome methylation, consider a next generation sequencing approach. Visit our sequencing page for more information. 

Gene and Promoter Methylation Discovery

The Agena Bioscience EpiTYPER system provides an overview for methylation discovery in known genes over larger base regions. The EpiTYPER can also be quantitative for most CpG sites.

Ideal for screening a candidate gene or region over large cohorts to verify the predictive value of biomarkers. It’s equally effective at validating epigenomic-wide association studies across gene regions and a larger number of samples.

Key highlights:

  • Rapid, automated discovery of multiple methylated CpG positions in regions of 200-600 bp
  • Simplified assay design
  • Quantitative assessment on the degree of methylation
  • Simple identification of hypomethylation and hypermethylation
  • Detection of methylation levels as low as 5% in sample mixtures
  • High precision, reproducibility and throughput on an established MassARRAY system

Targeted Sites and Methylation Validations

Qiagen PyroMark sequencing is used for a high resolution result by targeting known sites for methylation quantification on specific CpG’s. 

Key highlights:

  • Ability to measure specific CpG site methylation levels, even in close proximity
  • Simple and flexible design giving the highest percentage of customisable targets
  • Suitable for smaller sample batches
  • Accurate quantification – results within 1-3%
  • Bisulphite conversion quality indication which measures non-CpG cytosines converted to thymines

Discovery via Sanger Sequencing

Sanger sequencing is a readily accessible and known technology that can provide an overview for discovery of methylation sites. 
A specialist methylation PCR and sequencing service is offered by AGRF Perth. Other benefits of using this service are: 

  • Ability to screen long targeted regions up to 800bp
  • Economical and familiar analysis options